sorta wanna die sorta wanna kiss you sorta wanna get my shit together sorta wanna lose twenty pounds in a month??


I made Deliciously Ella’s granola and had it for breakfast this morning with soy yogurt, banana, raspberries, chia seeds, cacao nibs and maple syrup. So good!


i’m alive i swear

I missed my workout this morning.. It’s currently going on right now, but I’m laying in bed. My calves are tight as a mofo and there’s a twinge in my knee that I want to ice. I’m not being lazy, I’m being smart ya feel


Does it really count as a trail run if no one wipes out?
There is no
for happiness.
No amount of kisses,
farmer markets,
cups of tea,
or core-shaking laughs
will fix you.
You have to save yourself.
You have to
for that peace.
- Michelle K., Recipe for Happiness. (via michellekpoems)
My birthday in bullets
  • I woke up nice and early to go to a bootcamp class at the gym. It was leg day and super fun and challenging - we did 1 min intervals of a bunch of different leg exercises and lemme say my booty is gonna be sore tomorrow
  • I showered, made coffee, and scrammed to school… everyone was super sweet and I had so many good laughs today. Every time someone took the time to wish me a happy birthday, whether it was via text, Facebook, or in person, it made me smile :) 
  • Coach wasn’t there for practice today ((Oh side note I’m doing xc haha…. there goes my indecisiveness, but I just didn’t feel whole last week not doing it)) Anyways, the boys team captain and I led an easy shake out run, which was just what I needed
  • I went with three of my friends to get our nails done. I had so much fun - even though my nails are already a teeny bit chipped, so I feel guilty spending money because it’s a bit of a waste
  • Then I came home and basically ate the entire kitchen, including dessert. I had some arctic zero with chocolate chips, dried cranberries, peanut butter, and almonds amongst other foods ;) but then right before bed I said fuck it and had some REAL ice cream and oh my heavens it is 10000000 times better. I can try to fool myself that this 150 calories per pint shit is good, but honestly it’s not. Life is too short.
  • I was supposed to go to the football game at my school tonight, but I got super sleepy and decided to stay in — feel kinda guilty for this as well, but I figured it’s my birthday and I should do what I want. So I binge watched some netflix and Project Runway (with a heating pad on my full tummy)
  • I desperately need to make a to-do list for tomorrow because I have a lot lot lot to get done, including homework in every single freaking class. Plus it’s gonna be 90+ degrees eeeek…
  • A few of my girl friends are going to spend the night at my house tomorrow, so I really hope everything goes smoothly and we all get along
  • It’s late & I need to sleeeeeeep love you all so much I’m hoping to blog more of my life (not that anyone really reads these haha)

Peanut Butter Toasts - As Requested!Vegan Peanut Butter Cup Toast!